A Bigger Splash’s (Guadangino, 2015) coked-up anti-hero, Harry Hawkes was too loud, too obnoxious, and too obscene for the picturesque tranquility of the Italian volcanic island of Pantelleria. As his rival Paul De Smedt noted, the world was not ready for Harry’s honesty. He craved to be the center of attention. He loathed to be merely tolerated; he himself admitted. His idea of dancing was graceless and uncoordinated limb-flapping to The Rolling Stones’ “Emotional Rescue”. He was the most conceited, the most possessive, and the most obsessive in a band of self-indulgent, privileged brats. He was narcissism personified. For all his faults, however,  he was the embodiment of Ralph Fienne’s outstanding achievement in acting this year. It is mind-boggling that commendations are not coming in droves.

Happy Birthday, Ralph Fiennes (22 December 1962)!


Location: Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines